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When you're trying to make money online as a newbie you're at a massive disadvantage.  You are not aware of some of the fantastic services that can help you create a quality product in no time.

I wish I'd knew about some of these products and services when I was starting out.

People think I'm crazy giving away valuable resources like this without charging and maybe I am.  But I hope this genuinely helps you make a great income online.

Email Management & Autoresponders

Aweber - Is by far the most popular on the market.  Really easy to use and has some great features.  Also offers a $1 trial.  Probably the best choice for newbies.

1 Shopping Cart - More than just email management.  Offers auto-responders, tracking and integrated payment processing, automatic downloads and provides a facility for your own affiliate programme.  Good if you have digital products to sell.

Create Audio Products

Simply record yourself talking into a mic that you attach to your PC.  Any £15 mic from PC World will give you good enough quality sound.

Audacity - This allows you to edit your audio to give a more professional feel.  Easy to use and well worth checking out.

Pamela For Skype - One of the most popular ways to create products or bonuses.  Do an interviews with an expert in your market over Skype which is free.  This software records the call for you.  Then simply use Audacity to edit the call and bingo you have a product ready to sell.

Design Services

Want an Ebook cover creating or a DVD cover?  Or perhaps you need a design for your site?  If you're on a budget I recommend My Mini Site Graphic.

Ebook Creator

Primo PDF - Personally if your a newbie this is all you need and it's free!  Turn your document into a PDF so  it can be read by all computers whether it's a PC or a Mac.  There are more sophisticated systems available but this is all you need when you start out.  With a couple of clicks of the mouse you have a PDF.


Need to get someone to write an Ebook, build a website, do research or create software for you?  The simplest way is to get someone to do it for you.  Outsourcing is incredibly cheap and efficient way to get projects completed.  It took me 18 months to realise how powerful outsourcing was , but now I have to full time staff in the Philippines and they cost me around £700 a month for both of them.

There are lots of outsourcing sites but the one's I use are ODesk amd Elance.

Both sites work a bit like EBay.  You post a project description and a budget.  Outsourcers bid on that project and you choose who you want to award the work to.  Each outsourcer will have scores and feedback from previous employers so you can easily check the standard of their work.  it's always best to pay only once the work has been completed.

Publish a Book

You can actually self publish books and get a high quality paperback or hardback to sell.  These look like any other book you would find in a shop.

There are two good services I can recommend.

48 Hour Books - This turns your order around in 48 hours.  Unfortunately their service is only available in the U.S. at the moment.

Lulu.com - Offers a service in Europe.  I've not used them but have had good reports about them.

Screen Capture Software

Camtasia - A fantastic screen capture software.  Camtasia records your screen and records your voice as you talk into a mic.  Editing it is really simple.  Many of the DVD information products are made using Camtasia.  I've made numerous products with Camtasia and I wouldn't be without it.

Jing - A free screen capture software that allows you to share your videos online.  This is ok if you want to quickly explain a task to someone but not good enough to make information products with.

Transcription Services

This is a great way to make additional products from content you have already created.  If you have created an audio, video or screen capture product use a transcription service to turn it into a PDF.  This can be sold as a stand alone product at a cheaper price or be added to the original product to create extra value.

Transcription Team - They have always proved great value to me.  They are fast and efficient and will save you a massive amount of time.

Video Editing Software

Sony Vegas - Make information products, or promotional videos with your home camcorder and then use Vegas to give them a professional look.  I've personally made three information products this way.  Takes a little while to get to grips with but the basics are pretty straight forward.

Website Builder

I'm only going to recommend one and that's Wordpress.  It's free, easy to use and can do almost anything.  Many newbies think Wordpress is only for blogs, which isn't the case.  Although Wordpress was initially used for blogs many people, me included, use them to build normal sites.  Every site Iown except one is based on Wordpress.

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