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Article Marketing - Pulling In The Cash - Part 5

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In order to bring a ton of traffic to our site we want to get our article seen by as many people as possible.  The easiest way to do this is to submit our article to hundreds of article directory sites. Now although this may help the article get picked up a few more times it will not help us swamp the search engines with our article... unless we go that extra mile!

Today's article is going to give you the ability to make a mountain of cash, now as you know I'm not one for hype, but if you follow my system and implement what's within this article I really don't see how you can't bring in an extra couple of thousand a month... even as a newbie!

The Duplicate Content Pain In The Ass!

Duplicate content refers to the practice of having the same materials published on more than one website.

Duplicate content is frowned upon by search engines.  So if exactly the same article appears in the same format on numerous sites Google will not take kindly to it. 

But what is the punishment?

Nobody really knows but most SEO experts believe Google will only index (take notice of) one of these articles. 

The importance of this to your business efforts is significant, because the plan is to get all the articles published in as many different places on the net as possible.   If doing so is not going to be especially effective, then clearly that will have an adverse effect on your ability to generate an income.

In the past when submitting exactly the same article to several different directory sites, I have found that only one or occasionally two of those articles have appeared on the search engine results pages.

There could be many possible reasons for this, such as the fact that some article directory sites are far more popular with the major search engines than others.   Nevertheless, my suspicion is that once the search engines recognize that the same article was being submitted from many different directories, they simply started to ignore those articles.

The opposite is also true.   If you submit unique articles to all of the top level article directory sites, then almost all of those articles will probably appear on the search engine results pages.

So, whether such a thing as a duplicate content penalty actually exists in reality is irrelevant.   What does seem clear is that if you submit different versions of your articles to all of the different places where you want them to be published, you will grab far more results page rankings.

Beating The Duplicate Content Trap

As a consequence, the next step is to rewrite all your articles so that you have many different versions of what is, essentially, the same article.

Each of the different versions will then be submitted to a different resource site, as a way of driving traffic and achieving search engine rankings by doing so. If you were to total up all the sites that you will be submitting your articles to, you are looking at perhaps a hundred different versions of your original article!  Obviously, to do this manually would be a monstrous task.

So you have two options either re write the article every time or only rewrite it for the major sites. 

Until recently I tended to write five different articles for the major article directories and after that I will submit another new version to perhaps fifty article directories.

I followed this strategy because if my article was to be picked up I believed it was likely to be from one of the big boy article sites and they are the ones that would get me the most SEO link juice.  I mainly used the other submissions to get lower level links to my site for SEO purposes, so I was willing to risk the shortcut.

I now produce a new article for every site and it gives me staggering results.

Article Spinners

Your other option is to "spin" your articles, which basically means change them subtly so they appear to be totally original.

You can spin your articles one of two ways:

  • Go to Elance or another freelancing site and pay someone to spin your articles
  • Use article spinning software
If you use a freelancer you will have to be careful that all the articles are different and obviously there will be a cost implication depending on the number of articles you need.

The alternative is to use automated spinning software.  Again there are some cost implications with most spinning software but there are some free ones.  Until very, very recently I hated article spinning software, it always promised a lot and delivered very little.  However a genius of a new programme hit the market recently, but more of that in a moment.

The best known free article spinner is www.jetspinner.com.  Even with software like jetspinner you do have to put some time in to helping the software change certain words or phrases, as per the example below.  However these programmes can spit out a hundred different articles in a fraction of the time it would take you to make the changes.

With Jetspinner you simply give the software a number of choices for as many phrases as you can.  Below the spun phrases are in brackets and separated with "|".

(Losing | Getting rid of) your (belly fat | paunch | oversized stomach) within (three days | less than four days | half a week) is certainly (possible | likely) using the tremendous (programs | systems | ideas) that I (review | consider | look into) on my site.

The program will then automatically select one of the choices that you included in the brackets, and generate each unique sentence accordingly.

Pure Genius

Now personally I don't use Jetspinner, I find it too much like hardwork.  As I've said before I've always shunned article spinning software until an incredible new programme called Mass Article Control hit the market.  I can't put in to words how great this programme is, it's not a licence to print money... but it's about as close as you're ever going to get.

Mass Article Control is an intelligent programme that will take your original article and make it in to hundreds of unique articles that make sense and you can do this ridiculously easily in a few minutes

Quite simply this means your earnings go through the roof!

Because each of these articles is entirely unique, there is no question of your work not being recognized by the search engines.   For that reason, it is entirely possible that you will be able to grab several high search engine rankings for a low competition keyword by having many unique variations of what is, in essence, the same article.

In some niche's you can get to the top of Google with one article if you use Mass Article Control... it's truly astonishing.  If you want to make money on the internet you MUST take a look at this software, I can't recommend it highly enough and I haven't even told you the best part about the software, I will leave this until the next article!

If you want to know more about this incredible software click the link below and see how much money this has been making people.

Mass Article Control

Now that you have a  mountain of articles available, the next step is to start submitting them to all the sites.  This will drive highly targeted visitors, who are seeking solutions to their problems to your site.  And I'm sure you're willing to help solve those problems... for a price!  We will cover this in the final article of the series.

Until next time, be happy.


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