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Article Marketing - Pulling In The Cash - Part 4

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Article marketing has made some internet guru's hundreds of thousands of pounds, all from simple five hundred word articles.  Today we are going to focus on how that article points people to your site and some other over looked strategies that guarantee you sales.

Your articles are going to be published in many different places, and in several different formats or styles.   For that reason, there are a couple of other things that you need to do in order to be fully prepared before moving to publishing your articles.

One of the primary places where your articles will be published is on the major article directory sites like EzineArticles.   When you do so, you will also need to add a little extra information to each of the directory sites which you are working with.

The All Important Resource Box

At the end  of the article you have a resource box and it's here that you get the pay off for the work you have put in to your article.

As well as the resource box you also have a biography box which allows you to give a potted biography of yourself.  It is good idea to give yourself a short biography telling the reader why you are an expert in that field.  However I would keep this relatively short as you want them to get on to the resource box as quickly as possible.

The resource box is similar to your biography but you should use it as a call to action, telling the reader exactly what to do.   This is possibly one of the most important aspects of the article submission to the directories, but it is also one of the most commonly overlooked as well.

The first thing to appreciate is that the content that you add to your resource box must directly relate to the product that you're promoting in the article to which it is attached.   For example, when you are promoting a weight loss related product through your article, then the resource box must highlight why you are an expert in that particular topic or subject matter.

For this reason, it makes sense to create a range of different pen names at the various different article directory sites which you will be submitting to. By doing so, you can then position each of those ‘identities' as being an expert on one particular topic.

The other crucial things that you will add in your resource box are the hyperlinks that will direct your article reader to your review site.   Most article directories will not allow you to include an active hyperlinks in your article body text, and therefore they balance this by allowing you to add two or three hyperlinks to the resource box.  

One of these hyperlinks should be the actual URL of the page that you want your reader to visit after they have finished reading your article.   The other hyperlink should be an ‘anchor text' link, that is, a link that features the primary keyword with which you are trying to drive traffic to your site from the search engines.

For example, if the key phrase which were trying to drive traffic with is ‘burning that belly fat' than that of phrase would be the second hyperlink that also points back to your product review blog page.

Remember the resource box is your opportunity to add extra credibility and get people to take action.

A great resource box would look something like this:

"Joe Hughes is an expert in weight loss and has helped thousands of people lose weight, quickly and painlessly.  To get a free report on burning that belly fat without starving yourself visit www.example.com"

In the above example "burning that belly fat" is anchor text so it would be a hyperlink to my site.

In terms of length of the resource box with most article sites you have 1,000 to 1,100 characters including spaces and punctuation.  My preference is to make the resource box as short as possible but making sure you:

  • add credibility to yourself,
  • offer something free
  • mentions your target keywords in anchor text
  • get at least two links back to your site.
Remember it's this resource box that will ulimately take people to your site and from your site you're going to turn those visitors in to cash... lots of cash.

So treat the resource box as your cash machine, as your writing it think of money pouring automatically in to your account.  If you visualise this, you will make sure your resource box is one of the hottest on the net!

Article summary  

Most article directory sites ask you to submit a short summary of your article together with that article. 

Many marketers simply take the first two or three sentences of the article and use that as a summary, but this is a HUGE mistake and a wasted opportunity to sell your article.  

In my experience, it is far more effective to add a completely new and unique summary of your article, because this represents additional unique content with which you can differentiate your various submissions to the different directory sites.

Use the article summary a bit like an alternative headline and try to make the article sound fresh, exciting and something the reader has to read.

A good summary box might look something like this:

" Joe Hughes sensationally reveals his belly fat burning secrets that have helped thousands of people shrink before his eyes in only three weeks, without resorting to the usual torture tactics of the diet industry.If you are worried about excess fat and the implications for your health these techniques could change your life"

Now this summary may be a little over the top but that took me thirty seconds, if I took another few minutes to refine it, it would become a killer article summary.

This summary may be the difference from the article being picked up once against a hundred times.  Even if your article gets picked up ten times it will generate you an avalanche of targeted traffic.

Keyword list 

Again, when you submit your article to the directories, you also need to add a list of keywords.   These keywords will be the search terms that site users will type in when they are searching for a specific article. You must make sure that you add as many weight loss related keywords as possible that will point readers toward your article.   You could use Google Keyword tool to help you generate a relevant  list.

Our article marketing journey is almost complete!  We have researched hot topics, identified problems within our Niche, created a quality article with a killer headline and made sure we have used the biography, resource box, article summary and keyword list to maximum effect.

In the next article in the series we will look at how we get the maximum cash benefit for all our hard work.

Until next time, be happy.


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