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Article Marketing - Pulling In The Cash - Part 2

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In part one of the series we looked at how the general principles of article marketing works.  It can almost sound ridiculous to newbie internet marketers that you can actually make a profit from something as simple and straightforward as writing articles.

However, the truth of the matter is that it is perfectly feasible to earn a very reasonable amount of money every month from writing articles.   Indeed, many experienced article writers are doing exactly that as you read these words.

Nor is there anything particularly magical or mysterious about how you make a profit from articles.   There is, however, a very different process that you must follow in order to make money from articles that you create for online marketing purposes.

Step one of producing money making articles is going to be familiar to you.  Any guesses?  Yep, it's that old favourite... research!  Whatever you do on the net it always starts here, after all what's the point of producing something nobody wants to read?  Or producing the right product but not giving the customer the content they expect.

Most people who are looking for information online will use search engines to try to find what they're looking for.   They will have a search term that most accurately represents what they're seeking, and they will use Google, Yahoo or MSN to find it.

When they do so, they will be presented with a search results page looks something like this. This is a search based on the phrase ‘weight loss' which is a market in which people are always seeking information that will help them slim down:

click image to enlarge:

article marketing google weight loss capture


This phrase also illustrates one of the primary factors that you should be looking for when you are doing your research.   There are 101 million other sites that are ranked by Google for this particular search term:  

article cash weight loss results total

This is important, because one way that you will use your articles to generate profits is by driving visitors to your web pages.   In order to do so, you need people to find your web pages when they are searching.   And, in realistic terms, for that to happen, your article must feature on the first couple of pages of search engine results, and that is singularly unlikely to happen when you're competing against over 101 million other websites.

What you must therefore do is find such terms and phrases that people are using to search where the competition is not quite so hot.   Doing this is a relatively simple process which entails using two free online resources.

To continue with the weight loss example, the first thing that you would do is search on this phrase using the free
Word Tracker keyword research tool or you could use Google's keyword tool. This will show you the top 100 such terms that people use when they are trying to find weight loss related information online:

click image to enlarge:
word tracker weight loss key words

This indicates that there are 44,193 searches every day for terms or phrases that are related to weight loss.   Not entirely surprisingly, the most popular search term is ‘weight loss' itself, which is searched for 9,003  times every day.   Whilst a monthly search tally of 270,000 is very exciting, it is nevertheless going to be extremely difficult to pull any of those potential visitors to your site when there are 101 million competitors.

What you therefore need to do is to search through all of the terms that are highlighted on the Word Tracker page to find those where there are reasonable numbers of people searching.   However, you also want terms that have considerably less competition as indicated by the number of sites listed by Google.

As a general indication, I would usually look for terms or phrases that Word Tracker tells me are searched for at least 30 times a day which have less than 500,000 competing sites listed by Google.   Incidentally, in order for your results to be meaningful, you must search using an exact phrase match (by enclosing the search term in quotation marks - ".").

word tracker printable weight loss journal result

"Printable weight loss journal" is searched for 73 times a day, so the next thing to check is how many sites are competing for that particular phrase using Google:

google total sites for printable weight loss journal

That is a very encouraging result, with a good number of searches and medium competition, if I was doing this for real I would spend an extra hour or so searching for a less competitive keyword, but for the purposes of this exercise I will save a bit of time and stick with this keyword.   If you want to make money from the weight loss market, it is terms like this that you are searching for to use as primary key phrases in your articles.

As suggested, the way that you would use these articles profitably would be to drive visitors to a monetized website by publishing articles on external sites that are based on such terms.   If, therefore, you do not already have a weight loss related product for sale, then the next step is to either find such a product, or to monetize your website in some other way.

Find their problems

Before doing so, however, there is no point in trying to sell anything that people do not want to buy.

You therefore need to establish a specific demand in the market before finding a product that your articles can position as the solution to those problems.

The best way of doing this is to take a look at
Yahoo Answers, because that is the number one site for people who want to ask questions, and have them answered by other Yahoo users.   Type in the primary key phrase ("weight loss") and see what natural results you obtain (ignore the ads at the top of the page or down the right hand side):

click image to enlarge:

yahoo answers weight loss

This really does tell you exactly what weight loss related information that people are looking for, and that in turn indicates how you should write your articles.   These are the problems that people have with weight loss, so look for problems that seem to occur with some regularity. By doing so, you know that these are the difficulties that crop up most often, and armed with that information, it should be relatively easy to write articles that indicate that you have something that provides the answers.

So we now know the type of keyword phrase we should be targeting and we have established what type of problems our market is experiencing.  We have now got sniper like targetting in place, we just need to create great articles now.

In part three of the series we look at how we actually prepare hot articles that will get published on other people's sites giving you free traffic!

Until next time, be happy.


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