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Article Marketing - Pulling In The Cash - Part 1

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Writing articles is one of the most powerful marketing techniques on the internet.  It can perform three massive tasks for internet marketers;

  • Drive targeted traffic to your site

  • Increase your search engine rankings massively

  • Give you expert status in your field

Some internet marketers use article marketing as their major income producer.  This has spawned many business opportunity products that "promise" to show you how you can make hundreds of thousands without lifting a finger.  As with all of these over hyped biz op's there is some truth in these massive claims, but you need the inside track if you are to be successful.

Personally I can't quantify how much article marketing has made me, but I know it's brought me cash, visitors to my sites and it's boosted my search engine rankings.

If you are serious about making money on the internet, either through niche information products or from a traditional website business you should definitely master the art of article marketing.

Before we go any further as usual don't worry if you hate writing.  Even if you failed English, you can write an article and I'll show you how.  Or if you're adamant you won't write a word, no problem either, there is a solution available to you, more of which in a follow up article. 

Original Content - Google's Obsession

Article marketing works because website owners want new, regular content.  New content does two things, it keeps the website readers interested and it also helps with Google rankings.  Google adores fresh content.

One of the biggest headaches for website owners is writing original content.  It can be time consuming and a bit of a brain drain.

Article directories provide the solution.

Site owners simply go to an article directory, choose a relevant quality article and publish it in full on their site.  It saves them an enormous time and effort.  I subscribe to a number of SEO Ezine's and all they do is publish other people's articles.

Within the original article there is a resource box where there are usually links back to the original's author's website.  So at the bottom of our article about dieting we could have a link saying "Lose that belly fat" (always use the keeywords you are targetting as the anchor text in your link).  If this article is published on a website that gets a lot of traffic you will definitely get people clicking on your link.  This gives us free traffic and up's our search engine rankings.

To give you a summary of the idea of article marketing;

  • You produce a quality article of around 500 words (this article is 750 words, so we are not talking War & Peace here)

  •  The article tackles a hot topic or problem

  • You publish the article on article sites

  • The article has links back to your website

  • Other websites publish your article on their site or ezine

  • You get free traffic from these published articles

That is article marketing in a nutshell. 

Articles & Free Traffic

You produce an article with links back to your web page.  You submit the article to article directories, when they are published this helps you gain links for your website and this in turn helps your search engine rankings.  If you have a "hot" article it will be picked up by other websites and published on their site.  Because the article has to be published in full including your links you get more links to your site and move up Google's rankings again! 

More importantly because your article is on someone else's website you get free traffic and if your sales copy is good enough this could lead to a ton of sales... all from someone else's traffic! 

If you write a cracking article you can get it published on hundreds of other websites.  To do this you can't just go through the motions as most article publishers do, you have to produce something snappy, current or tackle an existing topic from a different angle.

Most articles that are published to article directories are never intended to be published on other sites.  This may seem a little strange and it is! 

Most articles are published purely to get links for SEO purposes from the article directories themselves, they are produced quickly, without thought and usually in broken English. 

With a little more thought you can rake in cash as well as search engine rankings.

In the next article in the series we will look at how you create that "hot" article. 

Until next time, be happy.


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