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Andrew Reynolds - Saint or Scammer?

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Andrew  Reynolds is perhaps the best known business opportunity marketer in the country.  He is also the most successful having pulled in over £50 million in his 12 years in the information marketing business. 

If you want to know how he did it and if you can trust him read on! I'll also share with you whether his techniques are still relevant today and what lessons you can take from his success.

For your own piece of mind this is a totally unbiased review.  I don't know Andrew Reynolds, I've never met him and don't promote any of his products.

Everything on this site is totally unbiased from the business opportunity reviews right through to the free internet marketing advice I give away.  This site warns its subscribers of the biz op scams doing the rounds and any great new business opportunities.

I also show people FOR FREE how to make money on the internet.  I also have a free money making report that shows you how to get started on the internet.  To get the report simply fill in your details below and I'll get it straight to you.

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Anyway back to Andrew Reynolds.

Andrew Reynolds Early Life

Andrew was brought up in Winchester to a fairly normal working class family.  His farther dreamed of being self employed and eventually owned his own DIY store.  According to Andrew this business suffered and his father's struggle is what made him search for a better way to make money.

Like many of us Andrew Reynolds dabbled with biz op's and bought a few in the early and mid 90's without actually doing anything with the information. 

Sounds familiar!

In 1993 he bought a product from a famous biz op guy in the States called Bill Myers.  He put it on a shelf and let it gather dust.  But four years later (he was 40 at the time so it shows it's never too late) he attended a seminar in Las Vegas that taught him all about information marketing.

A week after going to the seminar Andrew left his job as a sales manager with a house builder.  In my opinion this was a dumb move so don't copy him!  Having said that it worked very well for him.

Andrew bought the resale rights to one of Bill Myers products for £500.  This allowed Andrew to promote the product and keep all the money.

Andrew rebranded this video series and promoted it for many years.  He started off selling via classified ads that took people to a one page website but soon graduated to direct mail.

He sold 10,000 of those original videos for £50 a time.  Not a bad return on his initial investment.

Andrew Reynolds & The Funnell

After a couple of years Andrew stumbled on to the idea of offering a back end product to his database.  This was the moment that the Andrew Reynolds we know today began to form.  As you probably know from the advice I give on the site back end products explode your income.

Andrew simply sourced high value back end products from other people and offered them to his database.  This exploded his income and this type of joint venture has made Andrew Reynolds over £10 million.  All that income without ever creating a product.

Andrew continued to grow his business and offered licensed products to his clients.  Most importantly he always rebranded them, making them his own. 

You will know from the free advice I give on my site rebranding is vital if you are selling licensed products. 

Today Andrew Reynolds has no staff and outsources all elements of his business from order taking, payment processing, order delivery and customer service

So he really is free in every sense not just financially.  For this Andrew should be applauded because he really has achieved what he set out to do.

In recent years Andrew Reynolds has got heavily involved in charity work raising several million pounds for worthy causes. 

The sceptics would say this is Andrew attempting to gain respectability after spending years in the dirty world of biz op promotion. 

The pro Andrew Reynolds camp (many of whom are in business with him) would say Andrew is a true altruist.

The fact is none of us know what Andrews real motivation is with his charity work.  I'm sure both points of view hold some water, giving away millions a year certainly helps "brand Andrew Reynolds".

But you know what, none of that matters.  Andrew has got off his backside and raised millions for the needy.  Many other internet marketers have made millions and not done anything to help anyone, except themselves of course. 

Andrew should get massive credit for his charity work, he certainly does from me.

Andrew Reynolds Today

Andrew is still active in the biz op market.  He still offers other people's products to his list but predominantly he markets his Cash On Demand course which I reviewed HERE.  For the record I believe it's a good course that will give the newbie some motivation and a background to information products.

Many of the concepts of Cash on Demand are explained on this site in great depth so if you not a subscriber please make sure you get my FREE money making report which is on the top left hand side of the screen.

Andrew also hosts seminars where you usually get some licences for products thrown in.  Be warned these events are costly and are not for everyone. Even after the event you will need a lot of help to succeed.  Having said that if you're a highly motivated, self starter this could work for you and a number of his attendees have gone on to bank millions.

Andrews' big event every year is the Entrepreneur's Bootcamp.  This is a fantastic event where twelve or so of the top internet marketers from around the world share some of their successes.  Get ready for the big sales pitch at the end of each talk but don't let that put you off.  Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate internet marketer put space in your diary for this event.

Andrew Reynolds My Verdict

There are many Andrew Reynolds knockers on forums across the internet.  This does not surprise me because he is the biggest, most successful biz op marketer in the UK.  If people lose money they usually look to blame someone else rather than look at their own failings.

So my view, which won't be popular with everyone, is to ignore the nay sayers.

If you want to be successful I think it's a great idea to follow someone successful.  Andrew has been mega successful and lasted the test of time.

However Andrew Reynolds is not a master of all types of internet marketing, I dare say he would admit that himself.  There are other people out there that know far more about the detail of internet marketing.  Search engine Optimization is not something Andrew needs to have in his tool bag for instance.  But for people without a huge list Seo is a very important skill.

But Andrew is a master at rebranding products, joint ventures, coming up with irresistible deals and his speciality is the sales pitch itself.  I'm sure he does not do the copywriting himself these days but he certainly knows what sells.

In terms of his products I would recommend his Cash on Demand series and the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp. 

His high end course I would personally swerve as I think you can invest the money in other education programme's which will give you a more rounded internet education.

If you agree or disagree with me you can leave your comments at the bottom of the page.

And finally if you need internet marketing education you can get it here for FREE.  I cover business blue prints and all aspects of internet marketing from beginner techniques right through to advanced strategies.  I will also let you know what is hot and warn you about the scams in the biz op world.

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